Customers and clients are the backbone of a business for without them, business is useless. The key is how to get new ones and how to keep the old ones. Sales and marketing strategies help you to get new customers and relationship management help you to keep the old ones. But in this moment, we’ll focus on how to pull more of them and show them what you got for them.
Take a look at the following:
1. Advertise your products and services through content marketing. Do not jump directly into the tactics without planning. You should always start by setting goals on what you want to achieve. Generating leads, cross-selling products, retaining customers, raising awareness and increasing customer satisfaction are examples of goals. Advertising has always been a starting point for a business. This is the pathway for a business to be well-known to everybody. There are a lot of ways in which you can advertise your product like for example in the internet you can try blog posts, articles, whitepapers and slide shows. You can also try the videos and podcasts, in-person and online events, real time updates and interactions, print books and magazines and any other advertising creations. Just a little piece of advice, please do not shut off your ads because people might have the tendency to easily forget you especially when you are just a start up.
2. Make your company easy to find through SEO. Today, people done their research using search engines and according to a research made by BIA/Kelsey in 2010, 90% of consumers researching products or services using search engines. When you say search engine optimization you should increase your website traffic, increase brand or product awareness and increase lead generation.
3. Add more value and promote content through Social Media. Of course, who never heard about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks of today? Social media is one of the most popular content marketing tactics. Through its messages and interactions, you can pull in and satisfy a relevant audience. It provides many ways to call more attention to your content by mentioning new content and send links to friends and followers in social networks, adding up a share button for you to be able to share the content via email or to another social networks and highlighting your best content through votes and comments. But always remember that marketing doesn’t start in social media. Although using it is one of the most popular tactics, we can’t deny the fact that it is also one of the most abused like having scams and internet frauds. Bear in mind that you’re not going to get people interested in you in social mediaunless you have something interesting to say first. In a nutshell, everything starts with a good content.
4. Affordable Prices. The truth is, if you want to stay a float in the business world, you also need to make sure that you are still fairly competitive with other business of the same kind and with more products of lower prices. Nothing is more appealing than knowing if you drive down the road for hours you’ll find the same product for a cheaper price. Now this can be accomplished many way’s with specials, sales, coupons, buy one get one at half off or free and so on. And as I mentioned above, you can have lower prices but offer more product and more brands which should off set the lower prices and still bring in the amount of revenue your looking for.
There are only three things you should come to remember to pull in more customers and clients. First, let people know you exist. Second, don’t scare the customer. Last, focus on what you are selling. Work on these key points and you’re on your way to bigger profits!

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